What is HD HEALTH? How do i find out about it?

Where do i find out any info on hard drive health?

Are there different programs that can be downloaded?

Which one (hopefully freebie) would you guys n girls recommend?
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  1. Download SpeedFan. It has a S.M.A.R.T analysis tool that analyze your HDD online and compare it to the data of other users. You can also check out HDD Health.
  2. Also try looking on your hard drive manufacturer's website. A lot of them have hard drive diagnostic tools that will help you find problems with your drive.
  3. I tried the panterasoft, apparently one of my drives is running at 1degree celcius! It also failed to find the correct partition sizes on my seagate

    Anyone else know of any other downloads?
  4. speedfan


    Click on smart. the online test...
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