psu for radeon hd 2600 pro (or xt...maybe)

hi guys.
i wasnt sure about the psu i need for that graphics card. im planning to get radeon hd 2600pro from "his"
its this one...
im thinking this is my last upgrade for my computer since i dont have a lots of money...
hopefully it will work for long time.and i never oc things..
so i now have 350w psu and is it enough??
my system spec is
E4400 (2.0Ghz) 1GB ram X2 TV Tuner Internet card(pci) 320gb hdd no graphics card YET!!

and one another question is about the case
i think my case is bad.
the front bottom is blocked no air can go through.. and right behide it is HDD. and the half of the side panel has holes. later im buying 1fan for side and maybe one hdd cooler or just case fan and place it next to hdd..
so do you think HDD will overheated without fans now???
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  1. Do yourself a favor and don't get that POS of a graphics card, get this one at $90 performance nearly matching the X1950 Pro. Best Price/Performance ratio.

    SAPPHIRE 100189 Radeon X1900GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 CrossFire Supported Video Card - OEM

    For the people unaware (X1900GT > X1950GT)

    Try this PSU, it's the cheapest decent PSU I could find (Tier 3, 12V combined @ 30A peak):

    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-PN ATX2.2 500W Power Supply 110-120/ 220-240V UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, TUV, CE, CB, FCC -
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