Vista(oem software with retail keys)

I know under "normal" circumstances you are not able to use retail keys with oem software. In windows 7 you can delete the ei.cfg and it will allow you to install any version with oem and retail keys.
Can this be done with vista also, if so how?

I am a tech who is tired of having a ton of disks(OEM, retail, Manufacturer OEM) to install the same os on customers machines.
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  1. Install and Activate legally are different things.
  2. Who said anything about illegitimate licenses or "cracks"?
  3. knoxrebel said:
    Who said anything about illegitimate licenses or "cracks"?

    Ah, you did. You wanted to install any version with any key. You are not allowed to use OEM keys on non-OEM versions, or any other key swapping around.
  4. This is not allowed under Microsoft guidelines!You are basically using a hack when you delete the file!Therefore illegal!
  5. Please show me where this violates TOS/EULA.....this is no different than slipstreaming a service pack into an install image.
    If it was "illegal" then why would they include documentation for it in the help files/technet subscription.
  6. Are we talking about the same thing here? You can't use an OEM key to install a full version nor use an upgrade key for same. That documentation you linked is how to setup an unatended setup of Windows not how to use a different key for different versions. Try to use an OEM key on a full Vista, you can't. And the software license states if you can't do it, you can't "fix" it so you can get around it.

    Service packs are bug fixes to the same version of Vista you got a license for, different versions of Vista are different licenses, with different prices. You don't buy a car, then come back the next day and take a turbo version of the car off the lot do you? But if they had an engine recall, you can go and get the work done on that for free (which is your slipstream). Paying for one version and then installing that key on a more expensive version is coming back and stealing a higher-end version of the car you bought.
  7. Yes we are on the same page. I must have been unclear. I am only trying to install the version that i have a legimate product key for. With vista OEM, your key determines which version you can install. (1 disk has a ll versions) I want to be able to use 2 disks (32bit and 64bit) to install all versions of vista as you can do with windows 7 (with exception to enterprise). The only difference between retail and oem is who you get your support from.
  8. OK, I got you. I don't think that even Win 7 has all the versions of it's license types on the same disks, meaning OEM, Upgrade, Full. Rather the feature version of Win 7 is on the disk (Pro, Home, Super Duper Shiny Version, etc...) and those are what the license key you enter controls. Meaning the OEM license of Win 7 (and I'm guessing Vista) will not work with a Home CD even if you only want to install the OEM version. But an OEM Home key when used on an OEM disk that came with a Pro system, will setup OEM Home with no issues. So you'd need 3 setup disks it looks like.

    Hope I wrote that clearly enough, started to confuse myself here :-)
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