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I have mistakenly formatted the wrong HDD in my computer.
I’m looking for a good recovery tool that can restore the formatted data.
Does anyone have any recommendation for a good tool that can do so?
The HDD is 320GB Seagate Sata II on Vista OS.
Thanks in advanced
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  1. Thanks you all... :(
  2. BCWipe, it works great
  3. Ontrack Easy Recovery
  4. dude i think BCWipe is disk wipping software not a data recovery one isn't it ??
  5. Restorer 2000 works like a dream and easy to use.
  6. I've used PC Inspector File Recovery before now. It's freeware and does quite a good job.
  7. Just an advice, When reinstalling/reformatting, always unplug other HDD! It's just safer and take 1 minute. :) It's what I do! Good luck!
  8. rallyimprezive said:
    Ontrack Easy Recovery

    yes, i used that program many times before. it do the job most of the time.
  9. I'll second Restorer 2000. never seems to fail.
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