Need help with new motherboard

Im am going to be setting up a new computer but confused on what mobo to chooose. In the last month there has been so many new things coming out i dont know what to get. Before i mention the motherboards im intrested in this computer is going to be mostly used for gaming.
1. ASUS P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n

What are the Diffrneces between these 2 boards

also are there any other mobos that will outperform these(can be a 680i)
Lastly will nvidias new mobos kill these in performnace when they come out.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. the difference between those boards is that the first one supports DDR2 but the second one supports DDR3

    i say dont get either of them , go for a 680i or P35 ,
    go for 680i if u want to use SLI and its when u play @ 1920x1200 or higher, if not go for P35 , the differENCE between P35 and X38 isnt much and also P35 is alot cheaper
  2. Online it says they both support DDR3 Also i need a board with ddr3 becasue i just ordered XMS Dominator Ram lol
  3. If u need DDR3, then go for P5K3 DELUXE , its cheaper and supports DDR3

    also u r right both support DDR3 , i tought it was another board :d

    for the difference check the specs of them :


  4. thanks for the help Maziar but do u think the nvidia boards are faster

    (i know ones for Cf and one is for sli)
  5. Also do u know any sites selling the Maximus Extreme
  6. The performance of motherboard is directly proportional to the speed of the processor installed in them, give or take a few percentage points. If you are overclocking to the max, then that is another thing. I suggest getting the cheapest mobo from a good vendor that supports your needs, and spend the savings on a CPU upgrade.
  7. Last year, when the 680i motherboards first appeared, THG (I think) tested 965, 975, and 680i motherboards. In all the benchmarks they ran, no chipset dominated. Like geofeld said, the differences were within a few percentage points. Each chipset did different things a little better.

    Unless you are going to overclock as much as you can, choose features and price. Overclocking will be a different matter. The second generation C2D's for any particular speed have a higher FSB (333 MHz instead of 266 MHz) and a lower internal multiplier. This means really high bus speeds for radical overclocking
  8. thanks for the info
  9. 680i SLI boards are good but if u need SLI go for them , if u dont need SLI go for P35
  10. Maximus Extreme isn't out yet & isn't due until Nov afaik.
    Preorder price have it & the Asus P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP pretty much the same but the standard Asus P5E3 Deluxe is 1/3 cheaper.
    Tbh I doubt that there will be much difference in performance between the 2.

    & no, I don't expect nVidias new mobos to kill these in performance, in fact I expect them to be very similar - probably win a few benchmarks here & lose a few there.
    Difference of course comes down to whether you want Crossfire or SLI.
    If you need neither just get a P35.
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