Direct X 8.1 or higher not found.


When i start a game that involves a directx higher than 8.1 it says can not be found.
When i run "DxDiag" It says DirectX version 9.0c, when i open warcraft and go to option to download 8.1 or higher it says a higher version of directx is already downloaded.

Is there a way to fix this problem.?

-edit- i also forgot to add that, i have a 7300 LE Graphic card. Every game has been smooth for me until today when my friend used a window's mode for maplestory or gunbound on my computer.
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  1. Not knowing exactly what your friend has done or why i would say the best course of action would be to use system restore and restore the pc to before he did whatever it is he has done.
    Hold on for a few more replies first in case anybody has a better idea of whats going on,if someone has come across this before it may just be a case of re-enabling something in the settings.
    Restoring it wont hurt but you may loose stuff you have done since and as i don't know what maplestory or gunbound are, I'm guessing mods for your game or some such then you probably want to keep it if poss.
  2. You receive a DirectX error message when you start a Microsoft game
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