Need a video card for my mobo... help me pick one

Looking for a upgrade from the 6100 integreated graphics thats on my motherboard, I want to start playing games on my computer but will hold off if my computer can't handle the power. If my computer prove insufficent to handle gaming or I need to upgrade PSU or Processor, I'll get a basic upgrade card that my pc can handle till further notice.

my power supply is the Rosewill Stallion Single Series 12cm RD 450

Awaiting responses on what I should do, no rush... since I don't plan to buy a card till next week.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Can you give us a little bit more information on your system.

    CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Monitor.

    This way we can make a much better recommendation upon system specifications.

    Also how much were you budgeting for your new card.
  2. that power supply isnt very good :(

    you'll probably be limited as to what you can run on that any way....even before u figure out how much u want to spend on a card.
  3. A shot in the dark, go with a 7600gt/8600gt. That shouldn't add much drain to the system (I'm assuming a few things though). 7600gt's about $90 and 8600gt's about $110, before any MIR's. Neither of them require an additional power connections. Of coarse if we knew more about your system, i.e. CPU/RAM/Mobo, we could give you better information.
  4. x2 3800 windsor, 2 gig 800 ddr 2 ram, tforce6100 amd motherboard.
  5. Hmmmmmm...

    possibly a 7600GT, or the x1650XT

    You could always go higher like the 7800 or 7900....or 1950 cards....but your psu is a very weak link.
  6. if you are willing to upgrade you PSU, and you have a pci-e x16 slot, then I would reccomend an 8800 gts 320
  7. Looking for a decent card for my computer but I'm not much of a gamer, need something entry level that will enhance video playback with light gaming.
  8. For light gaming, a 7600GT would be a reasonable choice. As previously noted, you have a questionable PSU, but this card does not need another power connector and shouldn't strain it too much.
    What is your budget?
  9. I want to stay under 75 but I will do 100 if I have too... Basically Im lookng for a little something to play flight similator and maybe a couple fps games on as well as madden.

    Something entry level that won't hurt my pocket...

    I can't focus on spending too much money right now on my pc since I have other issues I have to handle.
  10. the best cards out for HD video playback are the low end current gen, so the 8500/600 and the ati 2600 (? can't remember ati ones) pro and xt
  11. Hello,

    sorry to bring back a old thread but I read a thread on Dell power supplies being rated at 375 watts and pushing 8800gts so my question is why can't my psu do the same? I've been holding off on buying a video card since but I'd like to get involved in some gaming and watching movies....

    If my rating is at 430watts do you think it can handle a 3850? Wouldn't that be a better card for my system that can last a couple years at least? I want quality video playback with decent gaming ability and I really would not like to change the power supply to get there.

    I'm trying to build a little gaming rig for occasional usage.
  12. I would think that you would be fine, since you have 25A on the 12V rails. The 3850 consumes less than a system with a 7900gs, according to this review:
  13. Hey, I found a great (well, I think so at least) deal for a X1600 XT for about $45 including shipping...

    That would a be great upgrade from the onboard video, good for light gaming and has decent amount of ram.
  14. How much were you going to spend?
  15. I can spend about 150 maybe more... I want something that will last for about 2 years, I'm learning about PC games.
  16. thats a cheap price....
  17. Don't forget the Radeon 2600XT. A bit better than the 7600 GT/7800 GS, and you can get them for $115 new on newegg.
  18. ashblk said:
    I can spend about 150 maybe more... I want something that will last for about 2 years, I'm learning about PC games.

    Nothing in the $150 is future proof, but this is how I'd rank them by performance and price right now:
    x1950gt ~$110
    8600gts ~$130
    x1950pro ~$130
    3850 ~$170
    3870 ~270 right now, but should come down to below $250 when supplies are back
    8800gt ~$270-$300 Same scenario as the 3870. Should come down later, but not sure when and "if" they get them in quanties back in stock again.

    The 3870 and 8800gt would be the best buy right now, but that is $100 or more over your budget. If I were to buy right now with about $150, I'd get the 3850. If $ is too tight for that than I'd get the 8600gts/x1950pro. On the low side I'd get a x1950gt/x2600xt/8600gt all of which are close to if not under the $100 mark.
  19. Alright...

    I'm narrowing it down to


    My specs are listed above, I'm afraid of 2 things

    1. Power supply being weak
    2. 3800 x2 being bottlenecked

    I'm learning to overclock and I will attempt to hit 2.5 ghz, also if possible I'll upgrade the power supply to a better one. As for games, I'm mostly a 360/psp gamer so I have alot to learn about computer gaming.

    I'll figure out the best road to take from here... thanks for all the replies.
  20. I would go with the 3850 if you can. I'm pretty sure your PSU (while not recommended much) should be okay for it. The only thing is that the 3850 is around $170 right now. If you wait longer it'll come down to $150 or so, but might be awhile before it comes down. Not sure on that, but that is just my opinion. The driver updates coming out from AMD have made the 2600xt a little better, but not nearly as good as the 3850, obviously. You can decide, but I'd go with the 3850, because it's the best of the 3 listed and will be able to support dx 10.1, which probably doesn't mean squat right now.
  21. I think that your motherboard is only pci-e 1.0a so it's not compatible whit the ati 3850 because this last is pci-e 2.0
  22. PCI 2.0 cards are backwards compatible with 1.0
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