Samsung DVD Drive --- HELP PLEASE!!!

I recently put together a new build with an evga 780i and a samsung SH-S203N DVD drive. It was working fine, but recently it is acting strange with both cds and dvds. When I put either in the drive it will often show the drive as a Dvd-Ram drive in my computer. It will then not reocognize the media in the tray as if there was none in it. I tried uninstalling the drive in device manager and then restarting to let XP reinstall the dirver as well as reinstalled the firmware to no avail. Occasionally after eject and reinserting the media several times the drive will be recognized in my computer as a CD Drive. It wil then properly detect the media and it's contents, however If I try to burn to the media or play the contents the computer seems to freeze until I either eject the media of end the burning software. I contacted Samsung and they advised me to try the drive in another pc, but I don't have another or know someone with one that can accept SATA drives. I was also told that it oculd be something with the SATA controller on the 780i so I uninstalled and reinstalled the nvidia drivers to no avail as well updated to the nforce 18.07 drivers again with no luck. At this point I am at a loss. The drive is less than 2 months old and I know I could RMA it, but the shipping cost is probably not much less than what I paid for the drive. There is also no guarantee that it is even the drive, as it could be something with the motherboard/drivers. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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  1. If you can find a way to borrow another drive some a friend or something... that way could test it out. If it's the motherboard, that drive should not work either. If it's the drive, then the friends should work just fine. That would give you an answer to the question. Would be best if it was the same drive... then would get the best answers... but either way, if gives you more information with which to work from.
  2. have you updated the firmware from
  3. @lilsage,
    Unfortunately I do not know anyone that has another sata dvd drive to borrow so that's not an option :(

    Yeah, I already had the latest firmware on the drive but I reinstalled the same one from Samsung .com to see if that did anything, but no luck. I did notice that the drive is recognized in device manager as a scsi drive. Could that be the problem?
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