Newbie after cpu advice

Hi to everyone.
This my first post although I've used this site for reference for a quite a while now and thanks to the members I’ve gained a lot from reading on here.
I am after some advice regarding CPU selection.
At the moment I've got a rather dated system (about 4 years old) which I've used for games like Far Cry, Half Life 2, and Call of Duty 2 with no problems. The PC is also used for editing Family Pictures, Word Docs and quite a bit of video work/burning.
The PC is a Fujitsu Siemens, the model is not listed on there site (I bought it from PC World) I do know that the motherboard is a FS D1625 value and it has a P4ht Northwood @ 3 GHz. I can not over-clock this as Fujitsu have locked the BIOS.
I recently fitted 2 x pc 4000 1g crucial ballistics and a gainward bliss gf 7800gs+ GLH 512mb AGP along with a Samsung Syncmaster 206BW.
I ran (1280x1024 @32bit) 3DMark and SiSoftware Sandra Lite XIIc yesterday and the results were;
3DMark Score 3445.
SM 2.0 Score1716.
SM 3.0 Score 1747.
CPU Score 638.
The SiSoftware,
I do not understand what these results so I can’t really draw a conclusion from this but I’m thinking that they are not that good.
I've now got the urge to replace the CPU which will mean a new motherboard.
I know about DDR2 and PCI-e but I need to get maybe 18 months from my from recently fitted equipment so I am very tempted to get a Asrock dual 939 sata which will lead me to Amd. I do have a tight budget so I've looked at new and second hand.
New I can afford an athlon 64 X2 4200 and at a push a 64 X2 4400, second-hand (eBay) I might, if one comes up be able to get a 64 X2 4800 or FX-55. Would the extra performance from these last two be worth it, I just worry about second hand as so many people seem to over-clock these, and if they’re faulty there is very little or no come back.
So, can anyone people tell me if I'm likely to see a good improvement with the X2 4200 over my p4ht and would this upgrade be adequate to see me through the next 18 months with the new games coming out (I have got on pre-order Call of Duty 4 for example) or do I really need to go further. In 18/24 months I'll start to look at the PCI-e/DDR2 route and a more powerful CPU.
I know this is long winded but I need some good advice and some opinions would be appreciated so the more you know the better the replies will be, I hope.
Thanks again, Smudger.
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  1. Your system is all around bad:

    ram - you need ddr at 2-2-2-5 timings fsb 900 to boost the memory bandwidth to 5500-5700 vs 4440 stock simpley using pc4000 makes little difference

    a q6600 will scoe 3400 sdmark06 at 3.4-3.6ghz - 1.46v

    score of 14,000 for the below systems as shown:

    look at the bottom 3dmark06 score

    tough call - i would get a q6600 is you could swing it but you would need a mobo and ram.

    ddr2 will boost your memory bandwidth to 7000 at 4-4--3-10 timings 2.1v and ddr800 or 750-850mhz

    but then you hdd will lag, i run 3 drives in all computers now over $2000 2 in raid0 for os and programs and game drive usally a raptor

    adding a raptor to existing raid0 game with a q6600 doubled the frame rate of ms flight sim 10

    i say save up and start over - you can use the video card while you save for the last parts

    build a raid0 then add a 3rd drive later

    i always was a big spender so this may not help
  2. I think almost everyone here would agree to avoid the FX-55 CPU since virtually all new games are going to benefit (to some degree) from dual-core setups. You're in a bad situation... you've got a decent computer, but one has limited upgrade potential. If it were me, I'd just make do as best I could and go for a full blown upgrade when the funds were available. I'd wager the PSU you have now won't handle an 8800/2600 class card... and then you'd have have size issues with your case... just too many things like that make me think your best bet is to save, save, save and then throw down that money for an entirely new rig. My 2 cents.
  3. Thanks Rodney, Dragonsrpayer. So I’ll drop the FX-55. I am saving for a far better rig but I will probably not be ready till end 2008 at the earliest. I do want to get my monies worth from the graphics card and memory I've got till then. Would the new CPU option and new board give a noticeable difference as and I've got about £100'ish to spend?
  4. Dragonsrpayer, checked out that pc, in my dreams at the mo and probably longer. How inadequate do I feel with my plans compared to stuff like that? Thanks anyway.
  5. i have a used fx-53 and gigabyte mobo with water cooling for little over $100! proably $150 including shipping?

    if your interested
  6. iwell your cpu score is so low yes -but most games are gpu inteneisve

    if your low on cash maybe a 2160 would work they are $90 then u could upgrade but u need a mobo and ram still
  7. I'll think about it but I would like new stock and I can afford the 939 dual board and X2 4200 I just wonder if I will notice much difference from what I've got. Also with this I might be able to o/c a little for the first time.
  8. Situation:
    The man is on a tigh budget.

    Best compromise:
    A cheap motherboard supporting new CPUs that allows you to reuse your existing hardware like AGP VGA, RAM, PSU & CASE. And that is a motherboard by ASRock - that supports Core2 & AGP, there are many but I would recommend ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 wich features DDR & DDR2, AGP8X & PCIE4x on the same board.

    This mobo is very basic, but features also 2xSATA II with raid, 2XIDE, 8ch audio, lan. It will enable you to do a smooth transition, first getting new mobo+cpu and reusing the rest of the pc, and at a later date replacing the agp vga with a new pcie vga DirectX 10 compatible, new high speed ddr2, new cpu (even quadcore) and finally a better performing mainboard.

    A cheap cpu, two choices Intel Pentium DualCore E2180 or Core2Duo E4400
    Reason: those two features 2Ghz, fsb800, 10x multiplier - with E4400 beeing
    more expensive because of the extra 1MB internal cache that helps gaming. With litle luck you can overclock these to near 3Ghz (mobo can give you around 290-300 FSB).

    So, get a ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 + E2180/E4400 and reuse your old hardware for now. Its a half step, but a very good choise now, when new technology lies ahaid in later 2008.
  9. Brilliant Baubau, I think you see the sort of direction I want to go i.e.; use my graphics card and memory which I thought weren't too bad with a new dual core CPU, should of just said that to start with. I tend to go on a bit. I'll check this mobo out now. I do like the idea of Intel after reading the comparisons with AMD but I've not looked at the prices.
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