Testing Extreme PC Radeon

I was just wondering why Toms Hardware has not tested the Extreme PC Radeon HD2900XT.
I have yet to find a card that matches the specs of this card. I purchased it about 2 months ago.
The card has a GPU speed of 825 MHz, 1 GB of 2100Mhz DDR 4 memory. Has a memory bandwidth of
146GB/s through the cards 512-bit bus.I would like to see how this card compares to other ATI cards.
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  1. Underclock your card to stock HD2900XT levels, benchmark it, and then clock it back to your normal levels. That should tell you how much better it is over other Ati cards.
  2. In DX10 once drivers are optimized, you should see an extreme increase of performance in games like Crysis. Generally more memory to a certian extent means better.

    The day when ram is obsolete in games as GPU's have enough memory will be good.
  3. Shouldn't that be possible now days?
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