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I installed seven transformation pack in my system.......
but it had a bad effect on my system.The text part in the 'HELP' Content of any software is not being displayed.all the other parts ,ie. the task bar,tool bar etc are visiblebut the main content is not displayed.It was more shocking for me tosee that my microsoft student encarta 2007 also have the same problem.I thus uninstalled the program...but even the problem persists.....the boot screen has not changed ,the text problem also persists.Please suggest some ways so that I culd restore my oiginal xp settings................... :??: :??: :??:
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  1. do a system restore ,,it will work or try to repair xp from cd..

    if both of them fails, then fresh installation is the only choice..

    here after make at-lest 2 system restore points be doing a major changes to OS & if anything goes wrong restore it to the first restore point..
  2. I badly waned not to format my system:but I already tried out the other two alternatives.well if u just illustrate a bit on making restoration points.
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