Abit P35 Pro fan control

Hi all.
I want to control my 4 case fans through bios.
Id like to disable 2 of them and make them turn on only beyond a specific temp A.

I tried by setting the LOWER setting at temp A.
Unfortunatelly, even when the temp is lower than A, the fans are always on.
Any ideas?Cant i make the fans stop completely?
Thank you
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  1. yes you could make them stop completely - you could just unplug them, but I wouldn't recommend it. the more fans you have the better, especially when your overclocking - why do you want to disable them so badly?
  2. well you see my room now in winter is already cold enough :)
    Id like to use 2 fans all the time and enable another 2 when im gaming.
    Its all about less dB. Im reading and writing on PC.
    But i suppose i cant do that automatically,right?
  3. I've never actually tried but I know you have a certain amount of fan control in the BIOS, and on a capable P35, you should also be able to change fan settings. I think that the only way you can control fans is when they are connected to the motherboard, not to your power supply.

    hope that makes sense
  4. well, i try to control them through bios.
    The problem is that they dont seem to be able to stop,that is give them 0 Volts. The minimum is 8V and the max 12V of course
  5. The only ways you will be able to make them totally stop is to either unplug them or use a fan controller.
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