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Hi, i'am not sure, - DVD drive / writers lock there region play after 5 operations.

Q: Is there a prog / utility to test what a DVD drive is locked too?

Q: Is there a prog / utility to unlock or allow u to play other regions?

(I have a Pioneer DVR-215/BK drive)

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  1. download ANYDVD v6.3.1.5. to unlock you DVD region lock. that one worked for myself as i had some dvd's i bough from the us and wouldn't bly in my australian dvd player. and from memory i think DVD region killer will id what region your DVD drive is lock to. (i think)

    if you want to copy your orignal disc so the copy will run on any region and anydvd up and burn it and magic its now dvdregion free

    sry if that isn't easy to understand
  2. Doom9.net

    There you will find everything you will ever want to know
  3. Cheers All, Thanks for info :)
  4. You could also use a hacked firmware to allow unlimited switching. I've done it in the past, just be careful you don't wreck your drive.
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