New build. Please let me know what you think.

my new build will be as follows. Please rate my build and also add any suggestions. Thank you!

I have not built a system since 2002 and I have the itch to build one now. I am looking to the upcoming DX10 games.

I am also keeping this build open for SLI in the future.

$1735 shipped

-$209 rebates

=$1526 total

what do you think???

Dell 24" LCD ( already own )

I like the Lite-On and the retail gives you Nero

I love the look of this case. Nothing flashy

Have heard nothing but good things about this card

Modular cords and SLI ready

Got good reviews on Newegg and am going with 4 gigs total

Only other board I ever used is ASUS, but this board gets good write ups.

good price


I have a 74 gig version now and I just LOVE the speed.

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  1. I like just about everything, but I question you GPU choice. The native res on the the Dell is 1920x1200, correct? The 320 is going to have a hard time pushing games if you want to play at that res. If you don't mind playing at lower resolutions, the card will be fine. Otherwise take a look at the 640 version, or the GTX.
  2. That GTS (Or any other GTS for that matter) is not going to push a 24" 1920x1200 display, your chances are as good as a snowball in hell. To push that kind of resolution and have an enjoyable, fluid gaming experience you'll need SLI GTX. If you want to have jumpy 20-40fps (especially in future titles), then a single GTX.

    As far as PSU goes, that one is decent, however I prefer Corsair 520 or 620HX for single card setups and PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 or Antec TruePower Quattros (Either 850 or 1000) for SLI/Crossfire setups.

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