Vista Ultimate 64bit random BSOD

Antec 300
Asus P5G41-M LE motherboard
Core 2 Duo E6300 OC'ed to 2.24 ghz
Corsair XMS2 DHX 800mhz DDR2 @ 5-5-5-15 800mhz 1.85V
Onboard Intel X4500 video.
WD 500 GB Caviar Blue SATA II WD5000AAKS
WD 160 GB Caviar SE16 IDE WD1600JB
Thermaltake 850W psu
Vista 64 Bit Ultimate SP2(DVD only contains Vista 64 with SP1)
22 inch 1680x1050 LCD monitor

Hi guys,

I recently built a system, I ran with one hard drive(WD5000AAKS) installed Vista and all that fun stuff. I ran memtest and performed 20 passes with no problems. I ran prime95, 12 hours of smallFFT's. and then a few days later I ran 24 hours of Blend on Prime95. No errors, no problems.

Everything seemed fine. So then yesterday night I decided to hook up the 2nd hard drive. When I tried logging in I typed in the password and hit enter, nothing happened. I clicked on the button next to the password box, nothing happened. I figured it was because of new hardware so it was taking some time. After 1 minute I just hit the power button to shut it down. It didn't do anything until a few minutes later it started shutting down. Rebooted, logged in just fine and quickly. Started to recgonize the hard drive and install drivers, etc. Everything is good. I had that drive(WD1600JB) all partitioned up so I copied everything off that drive to the other drive and deleted the volumes and reformatted. Everything seems fine. I put some files back on to that drive. I start to run a large download with uTorrent. Everything is working fine for an hour and a half. I'm surfing the net at the same time now and browsing a website with Opera 11.01. Speedfan is also running. And suddenly I get BSOD. It performs a memory dump and then reboots. No time to see what it said. I click start windows normally. Type in password, hit enter. Windows load and then it suddenly gets stuck. I can move the mouse but can't do anyting else. Ctrl + alt + delete or Ctrl + shift + escape does nothing. I have to shut the computer down with the power button. I've googled this and found other people experiencing the same problem however no one seemed to be able to figure out why it was happening. One person just performed a clean install and be done with it. Where others could not get into safe mode without the same problem happening I sucessfully entered safe mode just fine.

I removed the WD1600JB hard drive, reduced the overclock to stock settings. Performed a quick memtest to check memory, it was fine. Nothing worked to get it to start. Tried system restore and still would get stuck when starting windows normally shortly after login. So I finally put the Vista DVD in and performed a startup repair. After it was done it showed 0 errors for everything. So then I just performed a windows memory diagnostic tool thingy. Again no problems. So the reboot performs and Vista starts up. Vista DVD still in drive. So I just leave it at the login page for 5 minutes. so I decide to attempt to login. It works. Removed DVD, I rebooted again to check, and again. It loads up just fine. I don't know why, but I'm concerned as this BSOD was random besides installing the 2nd drive, but was I performing actions with this hard drive for a few hours without problems. I performed a chkdsk, no problems, I performed system file checker, no problems.

Does anyone know if there is a dump file or something I can look at to diagnose the BSOD, or anything? I know some may say my system is working just fine, why should I care? But it was random BSOD, and if it happened once it could happen again. I need to find out what happened so I can prevent the problem from occuring again.

I'm going to attempt to reconnect the other drive to see if this is the culprit as well, but if there was a BSOD dump file I could look at that would be even better. And a way to read and understand what it's saying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. After running Windows Debug the culprit seems to be atheros lan. Read of people having problems with it. I guess I'm not immune to it. :cry:

    If anyone is reading this and they found a driver that works without BSOD, Please let me know. And for anyone else...don't buy any motherboard that has an atheros's your doom. Don't buy it and think you'll get lucky...that's what I thought... :pfff:
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