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I don't know if I categorized this question well enough, but here goes. So I have some Blu Ray quality anime episodes, and I just drool every time I watch them on my 1080p LED TV. I have some older episodes (which were probably produced before 2010), and I wanted to know if there was any way I could use a converter and make those in blu ray quality as well. I use Any Video Converter or FormatFactory. I know how to make them into a higher resolution, like 1920x1080, but that doesn't guarantee better video quality. Is the quality hidden in the video bitrate? Or is it just the resolution? Or does it have anything to do with video codecs like xvid or x264? I would greatly appreciate the help.
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  1. The quality is determined by the bit-rate, the resolution, and also the codec. You cannot add details once they are lost. However, many TVs do a fairly good job of processing videos when they are up-converted it you allow them to.

    There are also some commercial tools that can enhance the quality up-converted videos, but I do not know of any free ones.
  2. Ok, so what codec and what bitrate should I convert my videos to? Which would be the best options? The higher the bitrate, the better?
  3. You might as well be asking "what color should I paint my house?" The codec and bitrate depends on where you will play the video, what player you want to use, what size screen, what device, etc.

    But remember, you will not get HD quality from an SD source, so will it be worth the trouble? Only you can answer that one also. . .
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