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i want to restore my laptop to the settings of when i bought it.if i try windows complete restore it cannot find back up. if i try restoring the complete windows operating system it keeps going back to this option not letting me do anything else. any help would be appreciated
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  1. Did you receive restore discs with your laptop? If not, a lot of manufacturers are actually just installing a program on your system where you can burn your own restore discs. They also sometimes have a second partition that you can access to restore your system to the default state.

    If you can't burn your own, most manufacturers can send you some however they typically charge a ridiculous amount. Your best bet would be to find an OEM installer for whichever operating system you have and use the COA(Located on the bottom of your laptop) to do a fresh install of windows. The only disadvantage to doing it this way is that you will need to install your own drivers which you can find on Toshiba's support site.
  2. TOSHIBA will send you one for 20.00!
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