hi, i have this problems regarding to my pc, i can't seemed to download java.. i actually just've done reformatting and reinstalling OS (win 7 starter) and that of course needs to reinstall as well all the needed programs and softwares on pc..now, when i came up to download java from "download.com (cnet)" the installation first appeared succesful, but then when i check to the list programs, there it appears NO java. and also, what really frustrates me most is that, i can't able to play music on bearshare neither on mp3rocket everytime it finishes to download the said music. any help for this is very much appreciated.

another one is that, before reinstalling OS my DVD DRIVE isn't functioning at all. but the drive is visible on the "my computer's" lists.. now i thought reinstalling OS and reformatting my system would be a great help to recover the functionality of my dvd drive, but then after all it turns out just nothing, i mean still the dvd drive(s) not working. i have almost done already all the necessary steps from net and all sort of this forums from different sites sources but still it doesn't work for mine. i really don't know what to do now, im a little frustrated with my pc's performance now..please, if anyone knows how to resolve this, please do share your knowledge, that would really be a great help for me and to others...please do?.. THANK YOU SO MUCH..
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  1. 1- Try installing Java from the official site. The offline version. Run as Adminsitrator.

    2- Goto the Device Manager and look for the option Look for Hardware changes... in the File menu or one of that menus. That will restore your DVD.
    IF it doesnt work tell me

    Good Luck!
  2. hi thanks for taking time for this.. any way ,

    @ 1- think i have installed already java, i later found the icon of a "cup of java" somewhere in the control panel under "programs" , if not mistaken is it the indication that i have already installed java?. isn't it?.

    @ 2- does you mean "Hardware changes" on device manager is on at "action" tab and "scan for hardware changes" ? well if that so, i have clicked that already and there still nothing happens. but when you meant to say "option" , that which it under the tab "FILE" on menus and when i clicked "options" there it appears another box and its a "disk cleanup" rather..

    so with that what should i really do? because its been already how many months that i have been seeking solution for my dvd drive's malfunctioning..

    looking forward for your kind help..thanks..
  3. Yes its installed.
    Do you have installed the DVD drive? If it isnt look the manufacturer and model in Google and download the drivers. Maybe there corrupted.
  4. actually when i go to device manager and navigate on "DVD/CD-ROM DRIVERS" and by right clicking my dvd drive for "update driver software" there it appears that the drivers software has been already installed and that it is working properly.. i couldn't just get that way that when in fact every time i inserted a disc or any kind of disc that is should've supposed be working but it doesn't, and when i click the dvd drive location on "my computer" , it appears a message box stating to insert a disc on the drive.

    could it have been the lens of the driver is defected or the driver itself that is just corrupted?.
  5. Does the DVD drive even open?
  6. YES..
  7. Do you have a windows disk? If so, can you boot it through the DVD drive in bios?
  8. the only thing that has on my setup bios is a "CD-ROM", unfortunately i don't see any "DVD" thing there.. but i believe it supposed to be right there.. thats what i actually been wondering..i have tried already booting it up to cd-rom when reinstalling windows disk but it wont run. so perhaps just speculating the fact that the dvd drive isn't working thats why maybe it cant boot up.. what should i really do now?.
  9. That's what I suspect. I'd open up the case and check if the sata cable is firmly connected. If it, it means the DVD drive is dead.
  10. oh ic.. so could it be possible that if the dvd drive is dead, there would still be appearing on devices path on "my computer" ? (DVD RW Drive (E: ).. ?
  11. It might be. Maybe it's transmitting some data, saying that it is there, however, it's unable to read anything from discs.
  12. hhmm. ok..well, thank you so much for that , and maybe one of this day i'll be checking the inside situation of my cpu, as what you have advised to me.. i'll just gonna send you the result then whatever may come. thank you so much again..GOD BLESS.. :)
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