Which of these is the best deal?

I just got TF2, and want a new video card. Which of the following are the best deal?


There are two 2600PRO. One has 512MB ram, and the other has 256MB. Is the extra RAM worth $10, or does it make a difference?
If anyone knows of a better deal, I would be willing to take it.
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  1. By more than a mile the X1900GT is the best buy there, it is more powerful than the X1950GT and nearly as powerful as the X1950 Pro, so it's around 8600GTS or so performance for only $90. The other 3 cards don't even come close to it, Now THAT's VALUE.
  2. Another vote for the X1900GT. That's fabulous for $100; Makes me want to buy one. The GDDR2 HD2600 pro and 7600GT aren't even close.
  3. another vote for the x1900, ignore the DX10 marketing about the 2600's, they can't really use it for anything other than a pretty slideshow
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. This thread is over 2 years old you realize? None of these cards are anything you'd want to purchase these days, except perhaps very cheap and used.
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