eATX Cases !!

Hey all,

I recently purchased an old motherboard with dual xeon CPU's as a small workstation project. Im looking for an eATX case and really cant find one.

Im trying to keep this one lowbudget, can anyone recommend a case for me? Or will an EATX board fit inside a full tower?

I saw this, for that price, I cant go wrong.. However will it house an eATX?

Ive asked this question on a few other boards with no really good answers. Any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. The standard E-ATX MB has dimensions of 12" x 13". This case is the cheapest on Newegg that is a true Full Tower (as there are many that are mislabeled). Under specifications it states the maximum board size is 12x13. Hope it is within your budget/looks good enough to buy.

    CHENMING 901AD-BLACK-0 Black 1.0mm SECC ATX Full Tower Computer Case - $80
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