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So I originally had 2GB(1024x2) Corsair XMS2 PC6400 4-4-4-12 in my system. I then bought some OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum Revision 2 Dual Channel 2GB(1024x2) because it was a good deal and the site i got it from showed the same timing as my Corsair memory (Always check manufacturers website). Turns out the actual timing is 4-4-4-15.

Any chance on getting these to run together with any decent timing? If I put them both in, they auto-detect at 5-5-5-18 and they work. I tried changing timing to 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1V and i just get long beep short beep short beep. Will not post.

Its running on an Asus M2N SLI-Deluxe w/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 5200+ not OCd

Should I just sell it and get more of the same stuff?
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  1. Your beeps are memory related of course. You should set the timing to whatever works with Prime95 for a good ten or twelve hours with no errors.

    I have the same 4-4-4-12 ram, and I installed another pair of 1gb 4-4-4-12 ram (same model etc.) and I too sometimes get the dreaded three beeps. I turn off the PC, wait five seconds turn it on, check the BIOS, and set it to 4-4-4-12 and it is fine...but in your case....

    set it to Auto and the rated 2.1V, and the diff will not be noticable anyway to be honest. If you are overclocking then set it to an even slower timing (whatever posts and works in prime 95) but ASUS mobo's can be picky/annoying, I have the striket extreme and it is VERY picky.

    Good luck and remember 4-4-4-15 and 4-4-4-12 and 5-5-5-18 = no bloody difference! You will NOT notice it.
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