Problem opening my DVD RW Drive

I built this pc 5 yrs back with Gigabyte 8IPE 100 Pro2 Motherboard and 512 MB DDR RAM. Still using this computer with XP SP2. It was running well for the 1st 5-6 months. Then I started having problem opening the CD/DVD drive. Whenever I press the button to open the drive, the drive doesn't open. Sometimes I have to slap on the side of the computer case or slide my nails through the drive to pull it out. The drive itself doesn't have any problem running/recording CD/DVD. So far I have changed 3 drives and all of them have the same problem.

Here's the CMOS Configuration:

IDE Channel 0 Master: Hard Disk (SATA)
IDE Channel 1 Master : DVD ROM
IDE Channel 1 Slave : Hard Disk (IDE, used only for storage)

Adv BIOS Configuration:

1st Boot Device: Hard Disk (SATA)
2nd Boot Device: CDROM
CPU Hyper Threading: Enabled

Could anyone plz tell me why this happening. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would suspect there is a faulty power connection. It seems like the little motor that actually opens the door is not getting the juice to do something. That could be the connection itself or could be the PSU itself.

    Try chaging to a different connector on a different line if at all possible... could be inside the PSU that the probelm starts. If that doesn't work... try replacing the PSU and see if it still happens.

    If that doesn't fix it I have no idea... I can't see that being a motherboard issue... I am not sure if the button on the drive even goes to the motherboard... other than to signal that it is open.

    As a side note... you are pressing the button directly on the drive and not one on a case flap right? If there is a flap involved... try pulling it open then pressing the button... it didn't sound that way... but just to be sure.
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