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I found a BFG Geforce 6800 Ultra OC on craigslist for $50 (used). The card looks tempting but I was wondering can my pc handle it. I have a 430W PSU and in BFG website it says I need 450W PSU. In my computer, I have Core 2 Duo 4300, two 7200 rpm hard drive and two dvd-writer and 3 fans. I dont really need a graphics card like that because I only play flash games in internet browser and do some word processing in this computer.. But for the price it doesnt hurt.. My worry is that, if I buy the card and plug it in my computer, my psu is gonna blow up.. Anyone have experience with this card?..
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  1. I've used this card for quite a while and found it very reliable. You shouldn't have any problems with a 430W PSU, I ran one for about 6 months with no trouble (Antec 430W). If you don't buy it, I would like to get the link from you! I wouldn't mind trying to SLI with my old one.
  2. thnx for the confirmation..I have the same pse as well Antec 430W :) I read in the specs that You need to plug in two power cable in the card.. did you use those two power connector.. I only have one power cable left..

    btw. The card is in new york craigslist.. I already made the deal to pick up the card.. :( Keep searching in craigslist.. I found some really good deals.. For example I found a 7800 GT for $70 couple of days ago.. didnt buy that though..
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