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I made a backup of my files to my DVD. I did use Windows Vista to burn my data. I decide to reformat my pc and install Windows XP Pro. When I insert my DVD and my computer doesn't read it. I tried to do that same thing on my laptop (Windows XP Pro) and same result. Is any way to able to read the DVD that I made some backup on it?
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  1. Did you check the DVD after you made the backup while you still had Vista installed? Could you see the files then?
    How did you do the backup, did you just copy the files, or did you use the backup program in Vista?
  2. I am here to follow up.

    I decide to use my friend's computer who has the Vista. It did work on Vista, but not on XP Pro. I use the Microsoft Vista to burn my CD/DVD. I probably have to install 2nd O/S on my PC (using the dual boot) if I want to access my DVD that are made on Vista.
  3. If your file is text file you can read adobe reader to read it but your back up file audio or video format you have search any other software to read it. I'll search and tell you soon.
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