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Good day all,

I just downloaded Advance System Care and was scrolling through the settings. Under 'Disk Defragment' there is a check box for "Skip huge files (Over 1GB)" and another one for "Don't defrag Solid State Disk". My questions are, why would I not want to defrag my SSD? And why would I want to skip over files that are larger than 1GB? In my system my SSD is the C: drive that has my OS on it. I also have a couple other HDD but they are just extra storage space. When I click recommended settings it checks both the boxes and sets the disk to defrag as the C: (which my OS is on along with a few other files) ....needless to say, I'm confused. :??:

Thank you in advance
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    SSD defragmentation is harmful because it shortens SSD lifetime and is useless because SSDs don't suffer from fragmentation. It means that the data can be accessed from any point at the same time period no matter where it is on the disc. You cannot say the same thing about traditional hard drives, that's why the data needs to be written sequentially so it's read faster.
  2. Ahhh okay okay. That makes a lot of sense. So now, the second question. Why would I not want to defrag files that are over 1GB?
  3. It might take a long time. I don't have any other explanation.
  4. Skip huge files (Over 1GB) < Just gives you that option to speed up the cleanup.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the advice y'all!
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