Gettin Weird Temps Tcase @59 Tjunction @82

Been Buggin me Out Currently Running My E6750 @ 3.30
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  1. Im Running a Asus P5k Deluxe With kingston PC8500 2GB Kit Think I found the prob i cant have cpu voltage at 1.350 running at 3.30 only at 3.00 when i set to 1.350 on 3.30 system restarts at login screen could only run it at 1.425 which really made cpu hotter right now idle i get 24c/46c (Hottest Core) and under a load now i get 45c/72c (hottest Core) Running Orthos for 10 mins @ 3.00 would love to get it to run at 3.30 shaved off 10 degrees by running at 1.350
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