Antec Neo HE

Tom's wiki rates this as a Tier 2 power supply. Right now newegg is selling them for $55 after MIR. I though this was a great buy, but then I started reading all the reviews on newegg and I am not sure.

Can anyone give me advice on this power supply?
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  1. i was having shutdown problems while playing games. i bought an antec neo he 550 at bestbuy for 100$ and my problems were solved.
  2. I've got the 430W and it powers my setup without any problems.
  3. Ive got both a 550 and 430 version both go strong for what i use them for.

    Antec are quality PSU's some may say that there quality has dipped in the last few years although i have not seen it
  4. Listen to the Tier rating and not the newegg customers. Half of them have no idea what they are talking about. One person destroyed his PSU because he failed to ground himself and static shocked his unit. He said he would never buy that unit again and blamed the manu for his own error even after they replaced the unit for free. (yes he admitted to the static shock)
  5. I trust THG more than Newegg reviews, but I was just a bit taken back at how many people had trouble.
  6. I've built three systems with Antec supplies this year. So far no problems. I've used two EarthWatt models (380 & 430) which are supposed to be similar to the Neo model and I've used one Neo 550. My experience has been that they are a quality power supplies at a bargain price. SilentPCReview, also thinks well of them. On the other hand, SeaSonic and Corsair have sweet power supplies.

  7. Corsair 520HX = $110
    Antec Neo 550 = $56
  8. nickc07 said:
    Corsair 520HX = $110
    Antec Neo 550 = $56

    I think he was just throwing those names out there. If you are on a budget stick to the Neo.

    There's also the Corsair VX series. Still more expensive, but just another idea.

    VX450: 79.99-10 MIR = 69.99
    VX550: 104.99- $5 offer = 99.99
  9. Yeah, I was just throwing the names out there. Looks like I'm going to be building another system. After all my positive experiences with Antec (cases and power supplies), I've got no justification to spend another fifty dollars or so on a Corsair power supply. So, I will be ordering a Neo 550 this week. I like quiet cases, I like quiet power supplies.
  10. I've been running an Antec PSU for about 2 years now. It works with no problems.
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