GA-P35-DQ6 Memorry again

Hey guys,

I little while ago I posted about my GA-P35-DQ6 being unstable running 4GB of ram (4x1GB). However I gave up when I found out it ran perfectly using 2GB only. Recently I noticed it was running in single channel rather than dual & upon re-installing the dimms in matching color slots to enable the dual channel, the system became unstable like when using 4GB. I've been in contact with Gigabyte about the 4GB instability issues. They had no trouble running my ram config. However our CPUs differed. Gigabyte tested with a 2.4Ghz Cpu. Mine is a E6850 3Ghz. I was wondering if my E6850 is somehow incompatible or setup incorrectly. I've posted my CPU-Z settings below....

My ram is..
2x2GB Dual Channel Kit P/N - OCZ2P800R22GK
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  1. I had the same issue with the same board: It would not run stably with 2 DIMMS. RMA'd it.
  2. Hi Guys,

    I had the same issue, with 4 sticks of IDENTICAL memory (Corsair PC8500).

    Perfectly stable and happy at 2GB, but when I put in the addition two sticks, it all sorts of MEMTEST errors.

    I went into the BIOS, and set the 5-5-5-15 settings manually, and bumped the voltage up by 0.2v, and it has been running fine ever since.

  3. I'm just getting started with trying to tweak for modest oc. I'd thought the 5s were pretty much stock on higher quality ram. I'm running SuperTalent and thought I was going to be asking about tweaking the ram to faster timings was the first place to tweak. But perhaps not?

    I'll want to skew my efforts in the direction of lower volts vs wringing every clockcycle possible - any noobe-oriented advice?
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