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hi there i have a nvidia fx5900 card and acoustic solutions lcd tv whenever i try to connect dvi to hdmi i get "out of range" on screen.i cant find anywhere in manual which states native resolution of tv only sates hdmi signals accepted 720p &1080i my screen resolution at moment on pc is 800x600 any help would be appreciated sorry for limited knowledge........noob!!

many thanks
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  1. Hook up a different monitor, go into NV control panel and under "screen res and refresh rate" uncheck the box that says "hide modes that this monitor can not support" set the res to either 1280x720 (I believe this is 720p) or 1920x1080 (1080i I believe). Hook up the TV and see if that works.
  2. hi that box was unchecked i came across a box in nv control panel that says force detection of television wondered whether this may help
  3. It won't hurt to try. Give it a shot and post back if it works or not.
  4. just goona try that but before i do i read somewhere on another post you have to power things up in certain order ios that true if so what order is it?
    many thanks
  5. Not sure what that's in reference to. Got a link?
  6. i cant find it now was in graphics section was a guy having similar prob i just came across it doing net search
  7. 720p/1080i has native resolution of either 1280x720 or 1366x768 depending on the panel if it's widescreen. It's probably 1024x178 if it's fullscreen. Some widescreen plasmas are also 1024x768.

    Have you tried DVI to DVI? If you're not passing sound through HDMI, there's no compelling use for it.
  8. or DVI to VGA, DVI to Composite works with less limitations.
  9. dont think i can do dvi to dvi as i see no port for it on the back i did however call the helpline and they said i can only use vga to hdmi does anyone know if this may be true as he did not really convince me that he knew what he was talking about
  10. also it sats in manual under operating voltage 220-240v ac 50 hz doeas this mean gfx card needs to be set to 50 hz cos its been at 60 many thanks
  11. still no luck any suggestions
  12. VGA/DVI to component and plug it in.
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