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O.K.............. I have a couple questions about the Intel Dual Cores
I want to build a budget PC with a P35 Mobo.

At first I was considering the new Pentium Dual Cores E21x0 and overclock it to 3.2
First off......on the Intel site http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ProcFam=2841&sSpec=&OrdCode= there are two different steppings, M0 and L2....whats the difference?

Also because of the recent price drops, I was considering about getting a better one.
On past experiences can anyone get a better overclock speed for the price (better than 3.2GHz with possibly the E4x00 or E6xx0)?
The C2Ds also have different steppings.http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ProcFam=2558&sSpec=&OrdCode=

Any help will be grateful

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  1. 2180 third world price mid class performance (raid0 it for more)
    6420 buget buy and high end performace (6320 my buget is really tight)
    q6600 best buy and 3.5ghz screaming eagle do it! (you will feel the power with the right hard drive set up)

    4000 series skip it

    e6600 the olld standard near x6800 performace at near $200 price
  2. I wouldn't discount the entire 4000 series, the E4400 is a pretty good spot between the E2000s and the E6000s, being a bit closer to the E2000s in price and having 2MB of cache instead of the E2000s 1MB.
  3. One good point for the 6420 (I have 6400) is that you can set the Bus to 400 MHz. With 8x multiplier that gives 3.2 Ghz and you can then run PC6400 with a ! to 1 ratio. Not a great performance, but works out nice.
  4. 3.2 is plenty zippy.
  5. Thanks but on newegg....better CPUs are cheaper......see:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core E21x0: $75-94 (overclock to 3.2)

    C2D E4x00: $117 (4300), $130(4400), $145(4500) (whats so bad about these?)

    C2D E6xx0: 6300 $175 (isnt the 4500 better?and w/ overclocking), 6320 $177, 6400 $198, 6420 $199

    But for the price, the 6420 is expensive, the E6550 is $176 isnt that better?
    or the E6750 $195............thats more bang for the buck, no?

    Unless I'm totally crazy, wouldn't a better choice over the E6(4/3)x0 be the E6550 or 6750

    How fast can the E4x00 overclock.....or even the E6xx0

    And also what about steppings: B2, L2, G0, M0 etc.
  6. For gaming, the cache doesn't make that much difference, the E2140 will overclock to 3.2ghz very easily giving you more performance than a stock E6700/E6750, that's way more than enough performance. The E6750 will hit 3.6ghz on air cooling, but it won't give you double the performance of the E2140.

    That would be my choice, P35 mobo with E2140 - then maybe upgrade to a low price quad core when Nehalem comes out and LGA775 processors start dropping out of supply.

    M0 is the latest stepping, it runs slightly lower power/cooling so can potentially overclock higher or run at a lower temp at the same overclock (increasing longevity of your overclocked CPU). It's not hugely worth worrying about, but you might get lucky.
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