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I have exported a chart of accounts to an Excel spread sheet. I wanted to create a unique folder based on each line item in excel. Is it possible to export each line from excel to create a unique folder with that name?
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  1. Let me answer my own question for the community:

    Set up columns before and after the names list. In column before place like so:
    @, (Name),@
    Then save as an all files CVS
    Open the file in Notepad.
    Do find replace @, with md(space)
    Then do find/replace .@ with". End result is for your file to look like such:
    md "(name)"
    Save this file as file.bat in C:\Test
    Hit windows r to open the run command
    Type CMD (cmd)
    In Dos window type cd \test (enter)
    type file (enter)

    Viola four hundred or four thousand made
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