Please tell me what this PSU is doing to my system!

Basically I was a n00b and only looked at the W on the PSU. I picked a Tier 5 and have been running it for about 10 months now with no problem. My main question is am I underpowering my PC and causing problems?

Current PSU: Logisys 550W

Current System:
AMD 3500+ Manchest (939)
2GB Corsair DDR 400 CAS2.0
LiteON DVDR 20x
WD Caviar 250GB

I am looking at the Antec NEOpower 550W. Then a complete system upgrade in 4 months.

New System:
Intel E4300 (OC - 3+GHz)
2GB Ballistix 6400
8800 320MB

My questions are is my current PSU causing my current system problems?
Also, would the new PSU be able to fully power my new system?

PS. I have 3-120mm fans and 2-92mm fans
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  1. You say your current psu has no probs, then you ask if it's causing any? You lost me.

    It's actually tier-2 Antec Neo HE 550W. It has up to 42A (most likely less) combined on +12v rails. Can power 8800 ULTRA (500W 35A). May even do stock quad.
  2. In years past, I had some Tier-5's die (sometimes violently, and not alone) when "stressed," but your system is likely pulling less than 200W, so you should be ok. If you want to replace your PSU for peace of mind, you could use a low-end FSP, which would keep that rig useful even when you build your new one with the Antec. As good as they are though, be aware that FSP PSU stated wattages are PEAKS; continuous is about 50W less. You want this one:
    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN ATX12V 450W Power Supply 110/240V NEMKO, TUV, CSA, IEC, UL, CE - Retail - $57.99
  3. What problems are you having?
  4. @ akhilles My current PSU is a Tier5. I know the antec is a tier 2 that is why i might upgrade.

    @jtt I am only doing a half build on my new pc. I will be reusing the HD, Case, Opticals, etc. I will only buy Mobo, CPU, Ram. So if I am going to buy an Antec for the new build I might as well buy it now at such a good deal.

    @madhacker I am just VERY slow loading BF2 and my frame rate in CS:S is really crappy. This has only started happening recently so I was wondering if my system was underpowered.
  5. nickc07 said:
    @madhacker I am just VERY slow loading BF2 and my frame rate in CS:S is really crappy. This has only started happening recently so I was wondering if my system was underpowered.

    These problems sound more like a video card problem than a problem with the psu. That said, I'd dump the psu and get one from either the tier 1 or tier 2 catagories. A good place to look for psu recommendations is jonnyguru. He tests them out pretty good and tells you what's good and what's bad. Look through his tests and you'll find something decent in the power range that you're looking at, which I'd guess is int the 500wt-600wt area. A 600wt psu seems large, but it leaves you room to expand if you later want to without having to buy another psu.
  6. Below is the specs for my new system, and I feel pretty sure that the Antec (Tier2) 550W will be enough for this. If not please let me know because I plan to order for PSU within the next week.

    New System:
    Intel E4300 (OC - 3+GHz)
    2GB Ballistix 6400
    8800 320MB
  7. Looks like the Antec 550wt should do just fine with that setup.
  8. You current system is not that power hungry but when you upgrade, you will want to look at a new psu. That 550 should do.

    As for how much to get with you upgrade? it all depends on what you have.....

    a 8800GTS takes a little over 100 watts to run....about 120 for an over clocked(and 640 one....but its safe to add a bit more be safe) version...(

    A E4300 @ 3.0 on 1.35 volts takes about 130 watts(

    So thats about 20 amps of 12 volts so far....

    Add a hard drive 0.6amps (

    Motherboards(including ram here) all use different time to guess about 40 watts or so(i know it uses less then this in the end....this is not factoring in the pci-e since that was factored with you video card...)....3.3 amps here

    DVD burner...No way its over 2 amps

    This was all just 12 volts as all modern psu's can handle the 5 and 3.3 anyway...

    So at 26 amps you are still able to to be safe go for at least 36...Either way as it gives upgrade room and the psu will run quieter and cooler....

    In the end that 40 amps for an ultra is taking into consideration a FULLY loaded PC...

    to add to this

    Case: Antec 900 (with 4 120mm fans and 1 200mm fan)
    PSU: OCZ 700watt(selected for its damn close to 80% efficiency)
    Board: P35 DS3R
    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.00
    CPU cooling : Zalman 9500 @ auto 500-2400 rpms
    Memory: 2x 1024MB ,2X 512MB
    Video: 8800GTX 600(core) 1400(shader) 900 x2(memory)
    2x WDC 250gig (Raid0)
    2x Seagate 320gig(Storage)
    2x Seagate 500gig(Storage)
    1x 500gig Seagate (Backup-external, not counted for power)
    Optical drive: Samsung SH-W162
    TV card: PVR 250
    Sound: Creative SB Audigy 2zs
    Screen: Samsung 950b (LCD) - Not counted but takes ~30 watts @ 120 volts
    Speakers: Altec Lansing Select 641 not counted wattage varies allot with volume :)

    AC power draw on this system is 350 watts(@ 120volts) full load(games + all cpus folding). Add in the fact that there is about a 20% loss(conversion/heat) in power to go from 120 volts to pc power(12,5,3.3 ect).

    - 20%
    280 watts of total DC even if that was all on the 12 volts rail it would still be less then 24 amps.... Seems only super high end multi socket/ multi gpu systems need those 1000 watt psus

    Everyone should grab a kilo-watt meter to check there real power use....

    I am not saying to get a 350 watt psu tho.....since many psu's lie anyway....but a 550 is plenty of power for your system
  9. nukemaster, that's what I've been hinting to new builders that they don't need a 1K psu. Your power consumption calculation for a quad gtx pc is in about the same range of what I've read. I only suggest a slightly overkill psu so that it won't be stressed 24/7.
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