What's the best Graphics Card Cooler?

I was just wondering what everyone thinks is the best graphics card cooler. I have a EAX1900XTX and need a good one. I am using a zalman one but, feel it is coming up real short. I had it on my x1600xt.
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  1. Use money to cool your video card. The money will tend to heat up. Remove the hot money, discard, and replace with cool money.
  2. I have a thermaltake tidewater and it reduced heat up to 30c under load. My card used to get to 90-95c, now no more then 65c. It is 40c+ on idle now, used to be 55c+ idle.
  3. Air cooler? Thermalright HR-03.
  4. Yah air cooler... I won't get water to much hassle just good old air is good for me.
  5. Ok the tide water looks cool but, how old is it the video card they were putting it on looked old? How much heat wattage does the 1900xtx put out? That tide water thingy says 120w max if I read it right.
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