One HD with Vista keeps turning off the HD with XP Home.

I have searched everywhere and checked all connections.

When I run the HD with Vista, the other HD with XP Home powers up and down every 45 seconds - 2 minutes. It's loud, it's annoying, and I need help.

I had to unplug the HD to get some peace.

It's not the power saving option in Vista. I turned that off. I checked all power and SATA connections.

Is there something in BIOS that could be doing it, but only when I'm in Vista? The Vista drive doesn't turn on and off when I'm on the XP HD. That makes me think it's Vista.
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  1. With dual boot systems you have to install XP first

    When You install Vista it writes files to the boot Drive (The XP Drive)

    SO I assume Vista is reading and writing to the boot drive

    Also if I am correct you cannot just format the Vista drive, XP won't boot as Vista has modified the XP install.
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