How to test a blu ray movie

I know the short answer: watch or listen to it.

I have money ATM, I don't know for how long so I purchased a bunch of BD (Blu-ray Disc) which I estimate will last me 6-12 months. Most of those movies I already seen however it was a while back and it's a renew for me ; so I don't want to waste the "surprise" while testing it the easy way.

I'd like to find a software that will check those BD for skips AKA I/O errors AKA deep scratches. A way I could see it if making a checksum of it comparing it to a library however I'm skeptic about this since there's different releases for some (many) titles. The alternative, and more complicated I'm figuring, is for some algorithm to read the video & sound (perhaps separately) that would have a library of common faulty behaviors ; that wouldn't be as perfect as checksum but the advantage is I could figure how many and how much damage there's on discs.

Thanks you kindly for your help
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  1. Brand new disks, if they don't work, return them.

    You are way way over-thinking this.

    If you want to make sure the disks are OK, copy them to your hard-drive, if it copies with no problems, no disk errors.
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