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i just bought a pc and the case comes with a PSU, i didn't use the PSU that came with the case so i just got the fan that's inside the PSU.

it only has 2 wires. red and black
DC FAN 8025M 12
DC 12V 0.14A

the problem is how do i connect it to a power source so that i can use it as a case fan?
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  1. red+
    black -
  2. Does it have a little white connector on the end of it.. should be sorta rectangle..? If so it will attach directly to the mobo.

    Does it have a mulex connector?? Usually a 4 pin connector with only 2 wires going to it.... that will hook up to a spare connector off the PSU..
  3. The red wire of the fan goes connected to any YELLOW wire in a connector of your PSU (Yellow: 12V). The black goes with black. If you connect to the RED wire of the PSU connector the fan will run @ 5V, and in consequence slower, or won't even rotate.
  4. Also don't worry about polarity; the fan won't work when connected wrongly.
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