HIS X1950XT driver and game issues

My X1950XT has acting strangely since I bought it, but now it blackouts when I start up a game(Doesn't matter which, tried several, same result). It may be due to the fact that I've had some weird driver issues with the card, whenever I try to use anything from the Catalyst Control Center it gives the message "Could not load file or assembly" followed by the file name which varies depending on which tool I attempt to use and "The system could not find the file specified". Anyone know what is wrong with it, also I'm using XP media center edition if that help.
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  1. Uninstall the drivers and CCC. Go into safe mode and use driver cleaner pro to get rid of ant remaining ati files.

    Then reinstall the ATI driver only and not CCC. Instead of CCC i suggest you try ATI tray tool.
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