Will partioning WD Raptor XP/Vista slow it down

Hi tried the search function to no avail

I've gone from 2 sata drives in raid stripe partitoned one XP the other Vista, To one 150GB Raptor.

I have XP installed as XP is more stable and quicker for games BUT I still want Vista as I need it for work.

So should I partition my raptor for vista or stick it on a SATA drive (my raid is no longer operational)

Will it slow my Raptor doen being Partitioned.

Also just as a footnote My Raptor will not work alongside my 200 GIG IDE Drive

Any help much appreciated

Thank You for reading
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  1. If you boot to each OS individually then it won't have any negative impact on performance.

    You might want to think about picking up an IDE to SATA converter for your 200GB drive. Should fix your compatibility problem.
  2. Was thinking about a converter

    at moment got

    1 sata 250
    2 sata 300 drives

    thinking about binning all three and getting a 1TB drive

    Thanks for the Raptor help
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