Need help with two BFG Tech's Geforce 7950GT 512 in SLI

Hello All, I'm trying to configure my two new BFG Tech nVidia 7950GT 512 MB cards so they will work together and not seperate. I checked out System Requirement Labs and ran their program "Can you Run It?" and all they see is one 7950GT Card. When I 1st installed my second 7950GT the nVidia control panel poped up telling me to take full advantage by enabling SLI Technology. Currently my setting are on SLI Tech in the Set SLI configurations, but all my games are only using/seeing one card. My mobo is an ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe and I have a 700Watt Thermotake power supply which is also SLI ready and came with two PCI expressX16 connectors. Both cards are correctly installed and shown in the Display Adapters. I even have the newest 163.71 nVidia drivers installed on both cards and still can't get both of them to run together as one. Trying to really test the full effects of these cards...

What am I'm doing wrong, please help. :pt1cable:
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  1. nevermind, I'll call BFG tomorrow and see if they can help me.
  2. Did you install the SLI Bridge to both of the cards? And how do you know that the cards are not working in SLI?
  3. What do u mean about SLI bridge? All the came with the cards were two DVI to VGA connectors, instructions, and a power connector. I figure I was missing something but didnt know what it was. And I can tell because the graphics are the same as running my main 7950GT. Unless games like Elder Scrolls 4 Obilivon, City of Heroes, and Supreme Commander do not support SLI...then I can see why I don't see the difference. Supreme Commander saw my 2nd display, but it was disable and I couldn't click on it to change the settings.
  4. Motherboard should have came with an SLI Bridge
  5. my dumb ass for buying an OEM board....thanks a lot guys. Anyone got a picture so I will know what to look for on ASUS's estore online???
  6. You need an SLI Bridge to connect the 2 graphics cards. Your motherboard should have come with it (it did come with cables, right?)

    Here's a picture of the stuff that should have come with your motherboard. The flat strip to the right of the SATA cables is the SLI Bridge.
  7. Mines was an OEM product, so it only came with the Mobo. Had to buy the chrom shield online and download all the drivers onto a CD-ROM as a driver disk.....The things you do to save a lil money, lol.

    Have any ideas where I can get this piece from other than ASUS online?
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