Did SQL server needs more Clock speed or multi cores


I am going upgrade my pc, and i mostly use SQL server 2010 and Visual studio .So can u tell me ,did these software's use multi cores efficiently and did i need to choose CPU's with more clock speed.

Which CPU can be better for these work from these ,

AMD phenom II x4 980 BE
AMD APU A8-3870k(because i play moderate games)
Intel I3 2100

Thanks for your Valuable comments in Advance :)
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  1. intel CPUs will be better for database. its best to go with an i7 or an i5.
  2. I'd get the i3 because it's current socket (1155) wheras the 980 is previous generation socket (AM3). This gives you a better upgrade path for the next 12-18 months.

    I wouldn't bother with the A8. The i3 will eat it for lunch.

    All are 4 cores. The clockspeeds aren't vast enough to make any real difference.
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    Databases are generally one of the few disk intensive programs out there, so they will be most responsive to the speed of the HDD. A compiler like VisualStudio would be CPU and RAM that you want to worry about. I haven't kept up with a lot of the advancements in VisualStudio for the past 6-7 years, but it does seem like they have been making a pretty big investment in making sure that it is able to make good use of multi-core CPUs. However, compiling a program is kind of an odd ball. For bigger programs with a large number of source files, you'd probably be better off with more cores, but if you only have a handful of source files, you would want clock speed.
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