Recommendation for PSU with single 12V 'powerful' rail?

Hi Guys,

I've been recommended to buy a PSU which has a 'single' 12V 'powerful' rail; i.e. as opposed to having multiple 12V rails and just wondered if anyone could recommend 1 or 2 units which could suit my (near future) system?

GTX8800+Q6600(oc.3.6Ghz)+4GB Ram+2 Hard Drives. Future upgrade paths 'may' include going SLI, so that may have a bearing on what I need :)

I've found a couple of products but they seem more US-based ones and I'd rather buy from the UK.

Really appreciate it if anyone can recommend something!

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  2. Why does it need to be single rail?
  3. I second the PCPower 750, great psu.
  4. Just as good if not better than the PCP&C Silencer in my opinion, but not for SLI.
    Corsair VX550W

    If you want SLI, this will do. Probably not better than the Silencer, but almost $50 cheaper.

    The Silencer 750 seems to be the default PSU for high end systems around here. It's a great PSU, but some things like the lack of modular cables and an 80mm fan sort of put me off, and yes, I've read all of the marketing stuff on PCP&C's website about why they do those things.
  5. The Corsair listed is definitely not a match for the PCPC PSU in quality.
    The VX series is Corsair's value line. HX is their premium line.

    The HX Line is nearly identical to the PCPC PSUs as they are all built by Seasonic on he same platform. The VX series is a step below in quality but still good PSUs.

    The Silverstone are quite good, but if going to SLI the GTX, I would definately go for the 750.
  6. The VX line is amazing. Look for some reviews, it's hard to find them for the 550W model but there's a fair amount on the 450W one.

    450W reviews:
    550W review:

    The HX's are supposedly high end, but I'd take the VX550W any day over the HX620W. As I said, it's not enough for SLI'd gtx's, but I'd put it in any single GPU system.

    Again, it's not like I'm saying the 750 is a bad choice, I'm just throwing out some other less expensive options that would get the job done.
  7. $65 shipped, 80+ efficiency, 33amps, can power just about any single card system:
  8. great - thanks guys! i'll start looking at the links now!!
  9. You can buy the PC P&C silencer 610 directly from them for $119.99.
    It has 49A on the 12v single rail. It is sli certified. They have good customer support also.
  10. I've got the Silencer 750W. It works well, and it's quiet. That was my #1 concern when picking my PSU. I can only hear it when I shut down the PC (it makes a beep). It feeds 3 hard disks/2 DVD drives/8800 GTX/Q6600 without problems. I strongly recommend it.

    My only issues with it:
    - with a huge case like TJ09 it takes a bit of creative thinking to reach everywhere you need; the cables could have been longer, ideally. This is not really a defect, because with smaller cases you don't really want extremely long cables cluttering the area and blocking airflow.
    - my mobo and case would allow 3 more disks, but I'm not exactly sure how I'd power them up. All the cables from the PSU are in use already. I'm clueless about electrical stuff, I'm just guessing I can buy a splitter that would turn one of the cables into two (or more).

    Here's a great review:
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