Help with Overclocking e6750 to 3.6 or 3.2

Hello again my friends..

I will soon be having a e6750 duo core, and i want to overclock it to 3.2 and if possible 3.6.. or even more???

I have lots of experience with computers, but I lack experience with anything overclock related.

is it possible to over clock this CPU to 3.6 with these components:

Ram (try recommending between these 3):
**I prefer the last one, since I can get it with 4GB ram at the same price of the two above it**

Power Supply: (the 450W)

CPU Cooling:

And as for the mother board I also need your help, I prefer gigabyte, but not something TOO fancy...

by the way, I am willing to be answered even though my final purchase of these listed parts will take place at about January, is there any reason not to buy it? should I wait for something else?
***notice that in my country new computer parts are usually delayed and overpriced***
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  1. for some reason I couldn't edit my post, so i just wanted to say that I might just be using this cpu cooler instead
  2. Overclocking the e6750 to 3.6Ghz is possible with the right components.

    Out of those three rams, I would prefer the first one, the Reaper, however if you can get 4gigs of the DDR2 1000mhz one for the same price as 2gigs of the other, by all means get it. There isn't much difference between all of them anyways.

    Since you're overclocking, I suggest you invest in a higher wattage PSU. I would be inclined to think that 450W is cutting it too short. I'd play it safe and get the 550W.

    A good mobo from Gigabyte would be the P35 DS3L or the P35 DS3R.

    That cooler, the Scythe is decent. However I've been looking into the Zerotherm Nirvana, costing ~$38 with mir @ newegg, which the reviews states can defeat the Tuniq tower, thus effectively making the Nirvana the 2nd best air-cooling solution.
  3. First, sod the scythe off and get a Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120. You can get an o/c of 4ghz benchable with that cooler!

    As for the RAM i've personally had issue's with OCZ not o/cing enough so get yourself some GEIL if you can afford it (in the UK atm it's around £30 = $60 ish for 2Gb matched pair).

    The motherboard is more important than RAM. I'm on my 2ndary comp atm with a E6600 at 3.33 purely coz i have a **** case and can't be ar** to pay for a better one. My DFI doesn't really care what RAM i have ( really **** OCZ 5300 that makes a damned high pitched squeel). So definately get a good P35/X38 mobo it''ll be the change of 3Ghz or 3.6Ghz honest!

    As for PSU's it depends on the GFX and the o/c of the CPU. My Hiper 580 wasn't enough to handle my rig o/c'ed so maybe get a good branded 600/700 W PSU.
  4. My rig:

    CPU: e6750 @3.2 stock HSF (gonna go to 3.6 when I install my Freezer 7 Pro)
    MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L (one of the best budget O'cing boards)
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC2 6400 4-4-4-12

    I'd strongly recommend the Crucial RAM with my experiences with it. It will have the Micron D9's that are notorious for more stable and higher overclockability limits. If you want to reach 3.6GHz with the e6750 you will need a FSB of 450MHz and you will want your RAM to be able to run at that speed as well for a 1:1 ratio...Crucials will do that and then some.

    Edit: Forgot to include the price of the RAM. You can find 2x1GB kits at Newegg for roughly $50 after rebate ($75 before).
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