MSI Wont boot...:<

Hi, i just dished out on a 2900xt and a 5200 amd dual core, 2 gigs ddr2 ram (Patriot 677 mhz) and some crappy motherboard ...k9n neo v2 (MSI)

I put it all together as usuall, but when i try to start it i get one long beep then 8 small ones and it just wont start, the moniter stays on standby and it will just idle. Ive tried taking out the graphics card and the beep stays the same and if i take both ram sticks out the beep dissapears, but ofc i kinda need the ram in there...

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hello- I don't have this particular board but the error code is displayed on the MSI site as a 'Display/retrace test failed' (AMI BIOS)

    1 long, 8 short Display/Retrace test failed: Video adapter is defective or missing

    there's some discussion of this error here..,13.html

    The error could be caused by the graphics card or by the motherboard.. hope this helps somewhat..
  2. Did you plug in both power connectors on the card?
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