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Hello everyone. I'm starting a repair business in my small town and I have a question: OK, let's say that I want to tune-up someone's PC and I want to use a program like CCleaner which is free. Of course, I wouldn't charge the customer for the program - the only thing that I would charge for would be the service call. Is that against the law? Or the programmer's rights? Do I have to have a certain license to use free utility programs like that? (Spybot, free registry fixers, etc.) I'm not really for sure how this aspect of the repair world works.

Thank you very much for your time!
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  1. You need to look at the licence for each program that you want to use. For example, ccleaner is free for the usage you require, but other software might not be. Google, for example "ccleaner licence ageement".
  2. Most free programs will state "NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE" in their license agreements. As stated by Ijack, each program will be different.
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