IDE to SATA converter on DVD burner problem.

So recently I took to build a new system after improper power protection and a malfuctioning light partly fried the motherboard on my old system. Long story short, I was an idiot and didn't have a UPS backup and the electrician that wired our house was as much of an idiot.

In either case, I ordered some parts and undertook building a new system from the new parts, as well as my two old IDE hard drives and two old DVD burners. These parts included two IDE to SATA converters, originally intended for use with the two hard drives, but due to unforeseen power supply limitations, went instead to a single DVD burner. For reference, here's the parts currently installed in my box:

New Parts:
1x Power Up Standard Black ATX Mid-Tower Case
1x CTG SATA Converter Board
1x Ultra XVS 600w Modular PSU Black
1x Intel Quad Core Kentsfield 2.4Ghz Q6600 CPU
1x Masscool 8WA741 CPU FAN w/Heat Pipes 775
1x Diamond Radeon HD 2400 Pro 512MB PCIe
2x Patriot 2048MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz
1x ECS G31T-M Intel G31 Socket 775 Motherboard
1x Power Up 120mm Sleeve Fan (3 Pin Molex)

Old parts:
1x HP dvd640 DVD burner
1x Seagate Barracuda 250 GB HDD
1x Seagate Barracuda 500 GB HDD

In either case, I put together the system and tested it, with the converter plugged into the DVD burner and the two hard drives on the single IDE port provided on the motherboard. Everything worked, except for the DVD burner, which didn't show up either in windows or in BIOS. I tried swapping the adapter, of which I had ordered two, I tried swapping cords, I tried not plugging the adapter to the power supply, I tried swapping it from various SATA ports on the motherboard. Nothing has worked as of now, it still just won't recognize it. I even went so far as to see if it would at least recognize a hard drive if it was put on the converter. It didn't boot up from it when I went to boot up, although it recognized the vista CD I put in and attempted to load up from that, so I know it's not the DVD drive that is bad.

I thought perhaps that the SATA converters were just bad, but it seems highly unlikely that both of them would be bad right out of the box, so I thought I'd see what would be said about this here. Maybe you guys can help. If nothing can be done, I'll probably just have to invest in a SATA DVD burner, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. I'm not sure if this is really the right forum for this, but it seems to be the best fit. If it's not in the right spot, would a moderator be so kind as to move it to the right place?
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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. It turned out my motherboard would not recognize the adapters. I scoured around the net seeing what others thought about which was the best adapter and Addonics won, but the price was $20 per adapter. I found similar looking ones on Ebay for $4, so I took a chance and bought them. They worked perfectly. The adapters I first bought were ones with a flat board that went out horizontally from the pin plug. The ones that worked have a board that is vertical from the pin plug, which is what the Addonics ones are like. It saves space as well as looks more sturdy.
  2. A SATA DVD burner is about $20 on the Egg. Unless your getting adapters for less than $10 shipped, just buy a new drive.
  3. This is an old thread but just in case it helps anybody out there....
    I had similar problem with an IDE DVD_RW on an all-SATA Gigabyte M68MT-S2P Ver 3.0 motherboard. I bought an IDE to SATA adaptor from ebay but it would only work when jumper was set to "cable select" AND on SATA channel 2 which is the third socket on the motherboard.
  4. I don't know the exact answer but i can't get two sata converters to work together and I get BIOS \ IRQ errors and blue screens. The system works with one conerter only, and then after resetting the CMOS again. But you are right, the jumper settings also play a part, and I got different erors \ problems depending on how they were set.
  5. Start a new thread please?
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