Does ReadyBoost really work?

Does ReadyBoost really work or is Microsoft giving us a snow-job? I have a fairly high-end system and am doubtful it can help me.
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  1. well with your system, it's unlikely to do anything at all. on a lower-end system, it might however. although it did nothing for me with a 1GB memory stick when i tried vista on a P4 2.6 and 512MB of ram.
  2. I've it on a Vista system with 1GB of ram and the memory usage with my 8GB flash drive is around 30%. After I've pulled out the flash drive the system's memory usage was round 50%.

    The maximum amount for readyboost is 4GB, and there is a patch on somewhere on the microsoft's site that lets you used higher capacity USB flash drives and SDHC SD cards.

    The patch is KB936825
  3. Ready boost gives a small boost, but your 2.0 usb port is slower then your fsb, so dont expect any amazing results
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