Standalone game... possible?

first, sorry for my bad english ><

hi :) i'd like to know if today in 2012 it is possible to program an artifical intelligence, to make a game standalone, like we create a world, then put 5 mens and womens... ...and stop, we dont do stuff anymore, we just observate their choices, what they create, see them expand to other places, evolve, develop technology, and the game would end (unless we add space and then the possibilities are infinite) when the planet is fucked up, or everyone die.

:o so in 2012, if someone have all of the time, resources and money, could it be possible to program such a "game"? how many time you think this would take to create? :o
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  1. It's called simulation. I think things like these are already created.
  2. no, not only a simulation as the ones that exists actually, but a simulation that would allow the virtual ppl to live, create things, use these things and all.

    exactly like if us on Earth, we would be that ppl in the computer. and the ones that created us would have do so to see how we would evolve. but this time, WE would create a simulation to see how THEY evolve. to learn from their errors or successes. with it said, does this still seem +/- useless? :)
  3. I still don't get why you think this has not been created yet.
  4. because i'm not aware at all about a simulation that does this. i mean on a virtual Earth, you create 5 mens, 5 womens, and see them evolve, increase in number, discover new lands, cover the planet, see them evolve from neanderthal to spaceships age, all on their own, creating technologies, mastering them, without anyone programming new things from time to time.

    i'm 90% sure that today, there's no way something like that can be programmed.
  5. Yes it can, and it's called neural networks + genetic algorithms :).
  6. any link?
  7. cant find anything about that ><
  8. You can read about this:

    Though I highly doubt you'll be able to access full project to use them - they are only used by scientists.
  9. not smart enough to understand half what they says on that wiki page lol, let's say it does exist... i was more thinking about something like Populous or the Sims, but i think i'll deal with it xD thanks man :) have a good day, question answered :)
  10. Glad I helped ;). It would be fairly useless if you could not interact with it and it was called a game, I doubt they would get any success for it. That's why sims and other similar games give you interaction.
  11. yeah it would have been all about curiosity at first sight. then as i said try to imagine: you created a whole world, and now they grown, spreaded, now you could be one of them, watching their creations, seeing how they created it, what's the use. i dont talk about neurons, electrons, i talk about "real virtual ppl" (lol), that creates things we actually have the materials to create ourselves... ...for real. or just they use what we use a slightly different ways and it would make a huge difference. to me it could be amazingly interesting lol ^^
  12. just like if we find a new planet, inhabited by ppl that would not know we observe them from space. we could learn from them, see they way they evolved, and eventually copy stuff they have for our own use. lot to learn!
  13. but maybe i'm the only one thinking like that lol... (sorry if i flood but as a noob to the forum i cant edit ><)
  14. Well, since you posted in programming forum, I tried giving you a picture how it would work. That kind of simulation would require neural networks - that's what would make people inside it learn.
  15. okok :)
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