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I want to make a system with an intel core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor with an nvidia chipset motherboard that supports DDR3.

any recomondations?

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  1. we dont have any nvidia motherboard yet that supports DDR3 , dont waste your money with DDR3 , get DDR2
  2. Maziar has a point, there really isnt any need to waste your money on DDR3. If I were you, i'd be taking advantage of the really cheap DDR2 prices. Get a good set of Corsair or Team Xtreem ddr2-800.
  3. It's better instead of putting too much money in the DDR3 memory to put it in a great motherboard with all functionnality. Like evag 680I rev A1 or some others
  4. thanks for the advice.

    so with this CPU (Q6600) what kind of mobo and cooler( i've read it qiuckly runs hot?) is prefered?

    i'm kinda new to this stuff...

    Again thanx
  5. ASUS P5K-E
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