Help getting my linksys wireless router to work

ok, i have verizon dsl internet. i have a westell wirespeed modem, Model #b90-210015-04. and i bought a linksys wrt54g wireless router.

I can not get it hooked for the life of me. i tryed the software that came with the router, and and was going fine until i got to were it connects the the internet, and it wouldn't connect. so i did some research, and found that other people have have problems with the westell modems. i found that people said you need to go to the westell config page and change the setting to bridged mode. but i can't get to it. i tryed typing the ip into IE( and nothing came up. i tryed also to type in and that didn't work either. also, i have tryed resetting both modem and router,unpluging and repluging, restarting computer. i even tryed going to cmd>ipconfig>ip release>iprenew, and that didn't work(once i typed in ip renew it said somthing about not being able to connect or commuicate and it timed out.

i have no idea what else to do.
i would really appreciate any help anyone can give me.

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    Maybe try setting up the router without plugging into the modem first, go in and check all settings, then plug your modem in. Note, double check that it is plugged into the input port, otherwise it will probably have a hard time working.
  2. sorry, but what do you mean by setting it up?

    pretty clueless when it comes to network stuff
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