No WIN7 boot Dynamic Disk

Samsung R530 laptop - 1year old - 350 HDD. Windows7 homePrem --- Possible virus etc?

I build/fix older pc's (20 yrs.) but got above new. ran perfect until i think I got infected.
& always use updated AVGfree, MalwareBytesAntiMalware,SpybotS&D.
On original final install opted for Dynamic Disk, but find I have no knowledge of this format.

The disk has 4 partitions in the Dynamic HDD The two largest are my C: (Win) & D:(Data&Backups)
There 2 normally hidden "partitions" the systenm emergency boot and windows setup.
It seems wiiling to do a clean install and i do have Windows and Sumsung Recovery Solution4 backups on an ext usb HDD.

I also have bootable CD's Windows 7 setup disk, a win7 boot disk, Hirens boot disk and the Ultimate boot disk. of the latter, i think a utility can see the usually C: and D disks.

I cannot find a utility to make the C:&D: parts visible.

Any Ideas Please
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  1. One is the samsung recovery partiton and the other is most likely windows recovery partition.

    The samsung partition should be accessable when booting. Look for something like " F12-recovery". That's how you access it.

    For the winows recovery partion, click the link I listed above. Oh, and if that isn't a windows recovey partition, dynamic disks reserve some extra space. Dynamic disks offer greater flexibility for volume management because they use a database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and about other dynamic disks in the computer.

    I'm not sure you can make them visible. Did you try accessing them from "disk management"? from disk management, try right clicking on the partition and see if "assign a drive letter" option is available. If so, once a letter is assigned they will show up in "my computer" and in explorer.
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